Values & Ethos

At Cheselbourne Village School our primary aim is to create a happy and safe environment in which every child can grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Children are encouraged to become independent, confident, thoughtful and caring individuals. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum to enable every child the opportunity to develop his or her abilities so that they can reach their full potential. We also ensure the environment is stimulating and challenging. We expect high standards in both work and behaviour and we want children to enjoy their learning and to approach everything with enthusiasm. Each child has uniquely different characteristics and abilities.

Whilst at Cheselbourne we believe that all children will

  • Develop lively enquiring minds with an enthusiasm for learning
  • Acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills relevant to their future
  • Understand the world in which they live, our interdependence on others and on our environment
  • Use language and number effectively in a variety of ways and situations
  • Develop a respect and tolerance for the diversity of all people
  • Develop a respect and tolerance for other people’s views and different races and religions
  • Develop the ability to question and to apply themselves to set tasks
  • Actively participate in the life of the school, the village and the local community

When children leave our school we sincerely hope that they are able to approach the next phase of their education with confidence and with an enthusiasm for life long learning.

Curriculum & SEND

We are Proud to be a Small School!

To support our learners in mixed-age classes we manage our curriculum across a two-year rolling programme- please see

For more inofrmation on our curriculum and how we teach across the school please see - CVS Prospectus Nov 18

Curriculum Policy

Read our full Curriculum Policy Here

Equality and Inclusion
Cheselbourne Village School wants everyone within our school to feel welcome, valued and included in the school community. We are committed to providing a fully accessible environment to enable this to happen. Our pupils are provided with high quality learning opportunities so that each child achieves all that they can. We want all our pupils to feel confident and have a positive view of themselves. We want our pupils with a disability to access all elements of school life, including school clubs, activities and trips. We recognise that we may have to do things a little differently to make this happen. We are committed to taking positive action in the spirit of the Equality Act 2010, by removing disadvantage faced by pupils with a disability and eliminating discrimination. We will ensure that through whole school training, all staff and governors will be aware of our duties to support children with disabilities, in line with the Equality Act 2010.

CVS Single Equality Policy 2018-19

Special Education Needs and Disabilities - (SEND)

We aim to offer all children the highest level of education but acknowledge that some children need more support. Children with SEND (Special Educational Needs Disabilities) are well supported according to the DfE’s Code of Practice with input from teachers, the SEND Leader (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Leader) and external agency consultants. When teachers are concerned in any way, parents are consulted and invited to speak with the class teacher and the SEND Leader. The support offered is outlined on a Provision Map (for more low level needs) or an ILP (Individual Learning Plan). This is regularly reviewed by staff, parents and the child.

SEND Policies:

We follow the SEND Code of Practice in how we support our children with SEND. Please see our SEND Information Report CVS December 2018 for further details on our SEND provision.

Our Local Offer CVS December 2018

CVS SEND Policy 2015

CVS Accessibility plan 2017 to 2020

CVS Supporting children with medical conditions & managing medicines


Admissions Policy

Cheselbourne Village School Catchment Area is Cheselbourne, Hilton, Melcombe Bingham and Ansty and the surrounding villages. However, parents can opt to bring their child to our school regardless of where they live providing there is a place available. Children in our catchment area who live more than three miles from the school will be offered free school transport. Some of our children are from families living outside the immediate catchment area but wish for their children to attend Cheselbourne.

All enquiries concerning admissions to our school should be made in the first instance to the school office please.

T: 01258 837 306


Read Full CVS Admissions Policy

Dorset For You School Admissions Link


Short inspection of Cheselbourne Village School

Following my visit to the school on 16 March 2017, I write on behalf of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills to report the inspection findings. The visit was the first short inspection carried out since the school was judged to be good in April 2013.

This school continues to be good.

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the previous inspection. The years since the previous inspection have seen a number of new staff join the school, including you as senior teacher. Since January 2017, you have taken on the role of acting headteacher in the absence of your colleague. Supported by the strong governing body and the local authority, you have continued the journey of improvement. There is a clear strategy to ensure that pupils continue to make good progress. You have also worked with the headteacher in increasing the number of opportunities for pupils to be engaged in after-school events. Parents speak positively about this aspect of the school’s provision. They commend the personal role you have taken in involving parents and the community in the life of the school by, for example, re-establishing fundraising events.

Pupils are enthusiastic about learning. They welcome visitors warmly, are keen to share their work and speak confidently about their learning and what they need to do to improve further. They focus well in class and are respectful of others’ views and responses. Pupils enjoy school. One parent, typical of many, commented that her children ‘run into school in the morning’. Pupils share excitedly what they have learned during the day. Parents and pupils were enthusiastic about the enrichment activities provided, such as the collaborative music concert.

Click here to view all our Ofsted Reports

Performance & Results


Information regarding our school's performance can be found on the Department for Education Website.


CVS Performance Dept. of Education

Equality & Accessibility

Since the 6th April 2012 it has become a legal requirement for schools to publish certain information in connection with Accessibility and in connection with Equality.

We have also to publish information relating to gender, to ethnicity, to attainment differences between boys and girls and to attainment differences between pupils from different ethnic backgrounds. However, in a small school such as ours and where individual children could be identified, the school is empowered to limit the information given.

As of November 2018
There were 42 children on roll. The school has decided not to publish information relating to ethnicity of pupils.

Attainment in all subjects is nearly as high as the Dorset Average. Girls attainment in writing and reading and maths is higher than that of boys measured at KS1 Year2 and at KS2 Year 4 the boys attainment is higher (July 2017)

The school has decided not to publish information relating to attainment differences between pupils from different ethnic backgrounds.


All school policies can be supplied in a paper format. Please contact the school office to make this request.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Everyone working within our school in whatever capacity, has undergone an enhanced DBS check (Disclosures and Barring Service) and Safeguard Update training.  Our named persons below have undergone up-to-date Level 3 (or Governor) Safeguard training.  Our Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Procedures are on display at the sign-in desk in our school office and can be viewed by the link below.

  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead with responsibility for Child Protection is Mrs Mary See,  Acting Headteacher.
  • The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead with responsibility for Child Protection is Mrs Jacquie Mowlam, Early Years Foundation Stage Lead.
  • The Designated Person with responsibility for Children in Care/any Drug Issues is Mrs Mary See.
  • The Designated Safeguarding Governor is Mrs Barbara Southcott, Vice Chair of Governors.
  • The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) is Patrick Crawford email Phone 01305 221122

(In the absence of both the DSL and Deputy DSL the senior teacher has responsibility.)

2018 CVS Child Protection Policy

CVS Code of Conduct Feb15

Keeping Children Safe in Education - Sep 2018

The Prevent Duty, Extremism & Radicalisation

All staff have received WRAP (Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent) and Prevent training.  Our school Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies are linked to thisand all members of the School, including Governors, adhere to this.

General Data Protection Regulation May 2018 PRIVACY NOTICE CVS parents

Behaviour & Discipline

CVS Behaviour & Discipline Policy

Behaviour & Discipline - Guidance for Teachers & Staff

Behaviour & Discipline - Guidance for Governors

Complaints Policy

Charging & Remission

CVS Charging Policy

Staff & Governors

Our Staff Team


Acting Headteacher & Key Stage 2 Teacher,

Coordinator for SEND and Assessment

Subject coordinator for Maths, PE, Science & PSHE

Teaching Staff

Early Years and Key Stage 1 Teacher/Coordinator

Subject coordinator for Literacy &  Art/Design

KS2 Teacher

Subject coordinator for Humanities (RE/History/Geography/MfL), IT & Music

School Council Leader

Support Staff

School Secretary, Financial & Admin Assistant, Head’s PA/Education Visits Coordinator (EVC)

Cover Supervisor Teaching Assistant, Pre-School Leader

and Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Teaching Assistant / Green Team Leader

Breakfast Club Leader, Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs Sue Mullet - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Vicki Freeman - Supply Teacher

Mr Bernie Edwards - Site Manager

Mrs Julia Bishop - SEND (Special Education Needs & Disabilities)

Mr Levi Dailey - DASP Sports provision

Our Governors

We are fortunate in having a very knowledgeable and supportive Governing Body at our school. Appointments to see them can be made at the school office. Better still, catch them in the playground!

Mr Will Fraser - Chair of Governors

Mrs Barbara Southcott - Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Robin Maslin - Local Authority Governor

Mr Nick Turner - Co-Opted Governor

Mrs Anna Bendall - Parent Governor

Mr Chris Thomas - Parent Governor

Mrs Susan Buxton - Co-Opted Governor

Mrs Emma Collett - Staff Governor

Mrs Mary See - Acting Headteacher

For a report on everything the Governors oversaw last accademic year please see - CVS Annual Chair of Governors Report 2017-18

Governors and their responsibilities Feb18

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Sports and Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

PP plan 17 to 18 Cheselbourne BD 

Sports Premium

For the Financial year 2016-2017 our school received £8500 Sports Premium Grant. This will be spent in the following way. £4000 contributed to DASP in order to employ additional Sports Teachers. For our mini-pyramid (St Mary's) we now have Mr Levi Dailey allocated to our school and he attends Cheselbourne regularly working with children and teachers to develop our PE provision and to train staff for future PE teaching. £4500 of our grant is used to offset the cost of Premier Sport to organise and run After School PE clubs. We are also spending this money on additional and replacement PE resources and equipment. We aim to not only support PE but also to extend and develop our PE provision.

For the school year 2017 to 2018 our Sports Premium will be increased to £16350 in line with increases for all schools.

Sports Premium plan 17 to 18 Cheselbourne BD

Please click to find out what the DASP sporting achievements are this year