Dorset County Museum

On the 13th January (a few weeks ago) the Kingfisher class went on a trip to the Dorchester museum where they were learning a thing or two about Celts and Romans.
Our school were extremely lucky because we got to hold some real artefacts, including some ancient Roman coins that come all the way from when Augustus Pater was emperor. As well as holding the artefacts we got to wear a replica of a Roman helmet that was very heavy and large, it hardly fitted on our heads!
In the Dorchester museum we had the privilege to stand on the mosaics that they have on the floors there, we even ate our lunch on them! Each mosaic in the museum has a different pattern; one of the most popular ones is decorated with many different colours and has Neptune engraved into it. Mrs Armstrong also taught us a lot about the history of mosaics that are in the museum and the interesting ways of how they got there.
Also under the guidance of Mrs. Snow, the head of children’s education for the museum, we went to see the Roman townhouse. This gave us an idea of what the Romans lived like when they came to Britain. In the Townhouse we saw quite a few beautiful mosaics but unfortunately the rain had completely obliterated one.