People who help us visit – Police


Caterpillars and Reception had a visit from PC Leanne and PC Jason today, who told us all about their job as a police officer.


We learnt that police officers help with many things, including:lost children, crashes, if people fall over, getting crowds to stand back from fires, catching baddies, teaching people to drive slowly and safely.


They showed us their uniform and talked about what the steeled-toed boots, high vis vest, radio, handcuffs, baton and spray were for. They talked about how their job is to help people who do bad things learn how to behave themselves and be good to others. Then the children learnt about the police car and received some goodies. Thank you very much to Leanne and Jason.


HELP!: If you know anyone who has a job that helps others, e.g. doctor, firefighter, vet, coastguard, and would be willing to come in and do a talk, please let us know. Thank you.